Experienced Consultant Programmer Specialising in Cloud, Java and .NET Technologies

A coder at heart, working in development for ten years in both development and management roles. A completer-finisher, known for getting the job done, great task focus and attention to detail whilst retaining flexibility. A great communicator and team player, with excellent presentation and reporting ability.

Recent Projects

Cloud Migration Tools: Migration tools used by consultants and customers to migrate email, contacts and calendars from Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes Microsoft Exchange and Scalix to Google Apps, Google Postini Services and Microsoft Office 365. Implemented in C#/Windows.

App Engine Solutions: Projects including a content delivery system for Gadgets hosted within Google Sites. Internal management systems and bespoke applications for a range of companies. Implemented in Java/GWT/App Engine.

Embedded MFD Development and Accounting Software: Design, development and maintenance of the server components of MFD monitoring and accounting software. Two major components, an embedded servlet-based Java interface layer to heavily resource constrained Ricoh Multi Function Devices (MFDs) and a service to provide accounting functionality and usage/monitoring tracking for the MFDs. Implemented in Java/embedded MFD and C#/Windows.

Visual Studio Integration: Integration into Visual Studio of Silverfrost FTN95, a Windows Fortran 95 compiler and maintenance work on the compiler and associated runtime libraries. Integration with Visual Studio 2010 has recently been completed. Implemented in C++/Windows.


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